1984, John Smith

Yachtec was founded in 1984 by John Smith with primary focus on the construction and repair of wooden ships. John traveled the country with his crew, instilling in them a deep respect for the sea and a passion for achieving the level of quality that ocean travel demands.

That passion endured as the company made the transition to repairing, conversion and the building of commercial and military vessels and superyachts, and today it anchors our mission to always deliver absolute customer satisfaction through exceptional quality and service.

Yachts and yacht charters we offer are based on few simple principles that are synonymous with our company name for more than 30 years. They are: reliability, high quality, and customer support. Everyone in Yachtec (including me) is working towards client’s satisfaction.

1987, first trip
1990, first investment

1990 was a great year for our company! With financial stability just about recovered, we were going to invest, first in the workforce, but also in our first plant, which was modest but really designed with semi-industrial production in mind.

Our customers had learned to sail and they wanted larger boats, comfort on board, and to see the sea from the saloon. And that was the beginning of a new range of our yachts, designed to be suitable for both recreation and fishing as well as being reliable. Our ideas didn’t go unnoticed.

We built a new plant in Commequiers, especially designed to manufacture what we thought at the time.


At the same time, for the motorboats, our designer department gave birth to the Antares range, built for line fishing.


On the other side, we attracted new members into our team who made a great contribution into our company’s development.


These six years were decisive. Of course, from the beginning, we were investing in export insofar as our resources would permit, setting up a network of dealers and importers, in particular in the United States, with the exception of Asia and Europe, where we opened subsidiaries.

The aim of this was to establish our brand, but especially to understand the consumer’s tastes worldwide by being present on site. We also continued to pay a lot of attention to our native customers, residing in various coastal states of the US as well as in other regions where yacht shows took place.

Thank you for your dedication in development of yacht sports and manufacturing in our region. Though our city is not very famous for yachting, opening of your European subsidiaries allows to change the situation for the better.



To push the manufacturing process forward, we decided to introduce new range of yachts, first of which became Oceanis. Throughout the summer 2004, we were working on the Oceanis 350 and then the 430. The success was instant. The production lines were filled up again.


We are open for new technology and investments