Chip Bowdren's Home Repair

In the home repair 'arena' since 1995

When Chip opened up Crestview Home Repair and Improvement, LLC with 20 years of carpentry construction experience and 6 years of Management Level Experience while serving in the U.S. Air Force. He began with a ‘Handyman License’ and contracted to ERA American Realty, who at that time had 438 Rental Properties all across the county. He quickly procured a Fencing License, Carpentry License, Painting License, and Siding License,. After Hurricane Erin and Hurricane Opal, he knew that he would have to rapidly expand his Licensing to remain legal, and because of his Military Construction Experience he applied for --- and received --- his State Registered Roofing License… which led in time to a State Certified Mold Remediator License… and then the Nationwide EPA Federal Lead-Safe Renovator for protection of tenants, owners and occupants of Lead Paint Renovations.

He also took care of the Sales Department at five major Realty firms and the Owners and was ‘First Responder’ during storms and freezing temperature periods, at which time he will winterize vacant rental homes to protect them. As the business built up over the 20 Years he owned it there were many changes in the personnel and supervisors.

At the end of 20 successful years. He sold his business and retired to enjoy his life living on the Beach in Destin and traveling. Nine Months later the sale of the business fell through. The old business was closed, and he started up CHIP BOWDREN’S HOME REPAIR, LLC. He achieved the highest rating (A+) with the Better Business Bureau in 2001, and that rating has transferred to his new Business — as well as the State Certified Mold Remediator and the EPA Lead Paint Renovator license along with his Exterior Applications License (framing, doors, windows, etc.) and Landscape Structures License (landscaping, fencing, decking, terracing, etc.).

As if all this isn’t enough, Chip is the Preferred Contractor for many homeowners associations, including The Sailfish Yacht Club , The Tides Condominiums, and specific owners of the Airport Road Quail Lake Townhomes in Destin, as well as the Emerald Gardens HOA in Fort Walton Beach, and the Royal Oaks Villas in Bluewater Bay. He is now also the Preferred Contractor of Property Frameworks Property Management Company, along with many of the Top Gun Agents of the Coldwell Banker Realty Association and the Diverse Management Company in Niceville.

So whether it’s painting, carpentry, fencing, sheetrock, mold-related repairs — or any other minor repairs — just give Chip a call at 850.865.1660 or email him here. 


Call: 850.865.1660